Brick & paver handling grab - CHC

This grab model is designed for ergonomic, fast and safe handling of bricks, clinker blocks and pavers. The grab clamps a stack of bricks or pavers when lifted by the handle, which expedites the handling process. The grab jaw spacing can be adjusted to handle the required number of bricks or pavers. Another advantage of this grab model is that it does not have to be held at the operator's abdomen, which reduces the tear and wear of work clothing. The load capacity of this grab model allows handling the construction / paving material in two hands with two grabs (and keeps the operator's body sides loaded symmetrically) for better handling efficiency and ergonomics.



Adjustable grab jaw spacing275/340/365/400/425/470/485/530/545 [mm]
Dimensions (L / W / H)620/90/260 [mm]
Load capacity50 [kg]
Weight 2,4 [kg]

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowe MIMAL
ul. B. Krzywoustego 1
84-300 Lębork