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Large road base screed - DLD

Large and wide base courses for laying pavers or a bitumen top need thorough preparation. Power machines and tools are the best way to do this efficiently and at a low cost. However, the tools must be dedicated for the job. MIMAL has developed a special road base screed specifically for this type of road construction tasks. The DLD large road base screed has two sets of guiding rollers suspended on consoles on both outer ends and complete with infinitely variable height adjustment from 4 to 33 cm relative to the screed blades. This helps set the screed precisely for the levelling shape: a two-way crossfall, a sloping invert gutter, or a one-way crossfall. The rigid structure made with extremely rigid hollow sections features infinitely variable adjustment of screed length from 1.6 m to 7.8 m, which depends on the assembly configuration of the hollow sections. The DLD large road base screed is available in different assembly configuration of the hollow sections and a variety of dedicated blades. This helps levelling and shaping wide base courses in a single pass to make work much more efficient and done in a very short time for less money. The DLD large road base screed is a perfect work tool for paving and road construction contractors, and builders of sports facilities who need an efficient solution for levelling swaths which are moderately or very wide. The modular design makes the screed very convenient to ship. The powder coating provides a durable and neat finish.


Assembly configuration Ifrom 5 [m] to 7,8 [m]500 [kg]
Assembly configuration IIfrom 5 [m] to 7,8 [m]500 [kg]
Assembly configuration IIIfrom 5 [m] to 7,8 [m]480 [kg]
Assembly configuration IVfrom 3 [m] to 5,8 [m]410 [kg]
Assembly configuration Vfrom 1,6 [m] to 2,8 [m]220 [kg]


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