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Vibrating screed - LW

The MIMAL LW vibrating screed is designed for tamping and levelling cast-in-place concrete. The thick aluminium screed blade with rounded edges and the long handle provide excellent performance for superior levelling and smoothness of the finished concrete surface. The vibrating screed has been designed for vibratory tamping to a very small slump cone value. The vibrating hammers are installed on both sides of the screed blade upturn for a stable and thorough levelling of the concrete surface being processed. The screed blade is mounted on a spider bearing with a hermetic seal for an extended service life. Unlike the vibrating screeds and beams from competitor brands, this model permits no access to or risk of ingress into the vibrator system, while the entire vibrating screed can be easily cleaned and washed without any risk of damage.



Working width1500/2000 [mm]
EngineHonda GX25T
Force of vibration100 [kg] - 980 [N]
Frequency125 [Hz]
Weight17 [kg] (1,5 [m])
21 [kg] (2 [m])

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