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Other paving tools and accessories are designed for a variety of tasks, including handling, cutting, angle setting, pulling and aligning pavers. The tools and accessories ensure safe and OHS-compliant cutting of pavers, building of retaining edges at kerbs, and performance of similar paving jobs.

rolling form strip

Rolling form strip - SZL & SZL2 DUET

paver extractor

Paver extractor - IBR

paver cutters

Paver cutters - GKM

paver dolly

Paver dolly - WBR

paving bar

Paving bar - LBR

bar puller

Bar puller - WPR

paving rule

Paving rule - PRZ

construction rule

Construction rule - LBM

paver angle

Paver angle - KKB

laying course skimmer

Laying course skimmer - ZDP1 type I

laying course skimmer

Laying course skimmer - ZDP2 type II

paver cutting chuck

Paver cutting chuck - UNK


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