• Paving hammers

    Paving hammers

MIMAL manufactures several types of paving hammers in different weight grades and styles of the head. The paving hammers feature replaceable polls made of different materials, including rubber and plastics. The poll durability has been engineered specifically for different types of paving jobs. The paving hammers are largely intended for pushing down and levelling paving units, including pavers, kerbs, edging, and different types of slabs and flags.

Młoty brukarskie

Rubber paving hammer - MBM

The paving hammers boast a high strength and ergonomics of handle design. The poll rubber compound is solid and made from a single curing mould. The hammer poll rubber is available in medium and high hardness grades. The hammers are perfect for paving, setting of kerbs, gardening tasks, green management, and laying of flat pavers.

Our latest hammers feature ductile CI poll mounts for a high mechanical strength and improved ergonomics of handling. Each hammer features poll faces made of high hardness non-rebound rubber.





MBM 01

375 [mm]

2.0 [kg]

MBM 02

960 [mm]

2.5 [kg]

MBM 03

385 [mm]

2.7 [kg]

MBM 04

390 [mm]

3.2 [kg]

MBM 05

400 [mm]

3.2 [kg]

MBM 06

400 [mm]

3.2 [kg]

MBM 07

400 [mm]

3.2 [kg]

MBM 08

350 [mm]

1.6 [kg]

MBM 09

350 [mm]

1.6 [kg]

MBM 10

350 [mm]

1.6 [kg]

MBM 11350 [mm]1.6 [kg]



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