PDM 500

The pavement circular saw is an all-round tool for construction and road engineering projects. Depending on the type of the disk installed, the pavement circular saw can cut asphalt, fresh or aged concrete or reinforced concrete, or mill expansion joints in various cast-in-place pavement tops. The pavement circular saw is also a good solution for trimming of pavement edges. The pavement circular saw is powered by an unleaded petrol engine. The pavement can be cut dry or wet. The maximum depth of cut is 180 mm. The depth of cut is adjusted with a crank-operated gear on the circular saw's frame and facilitated with precise graduation. The powder coating provides a durable and neat finish.


Power output13 [KM]
FuelBenzyna bezołowiowa
Disk speed2500 [obr/min]
Max disk diameter500 [mm]
Disk opening diameter25,4 [mm] (1'')
Depth of cut180 [mm]
Dimensions (L / W / H)1300/670/1170 [mm]
Weight120 [kg]

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