Manual laying grab for flags and hex slabs - RCP

This grab is designed for laying flag stones, hexagonal paving slabs, and similar construction products. The grab clamps the handled slab by scissor action. The grab jaw spacing is adjustable to fit the size of the slabs to be handled. The manual laying grab is a great and very convenient tool for easier and faster paving. A straight puller tip on one end helps removing misaligned or damaged slabs and flags from within the pavement. The galvanic coating provides the product with a durable finish.



Adjustable grab jaw spacing200/300/350/400/500/600 [mm]
Dimensions (L / W / H)640/130/155 [mm]
Load capacity45 [kg]
Weight 1,9 [kg]

Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno Usługowe MIMAL
ul. B. Krzywoustego 1
84-300 Lębork