Paver dolly - WBR

The paver dolly makes manual handling of pavers very swift and hassle-free. The paver dolly helps move whole layers of pavers from the shipping pallets to the laying site. The paver dolly reduces the handling time by approximately 60% when compared to handling pavers by hand or in wheelbarrows. Buying a paver dolly has a very fast return on investment. The paver dolly features several innovative solutions which make paving very efficient. The heavy duty inflated tyres help moving the paver dolly with great ease and convenience. The handled load is perfectly safe from damage and the operator is not exposed to any risk of overstraining. The powder coating provides a durable and neat finish.



Working width610-1050 [mm]
Working height900 [mm]
Capacity400 [kg]
Dimensions (L / W / H)550/1240/1690 [mm]
Weight82 [kg]

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